The Soulist is my effort to bring my experience,
knowledge and passion of many years to the brands
in need of authenticity, in a journey
towards their roots, their DNA, their real identity.

My Very First marketing plan...

On my way to school, I was used to stop by some auto repair shops to try to sell some lubricant.
That very morning, the owner of one of them, a ready to retire guy, was still getting ready in his small and cluttered dressing room.
He stared at me. I can still see myself in front of him: a skinny boy, in tight jeans and sneakers, with high school books hanging from his old little motorcycle.
"My name is Federico Repetto from "Star Lubricant"-I said hesitantly. He looked at me straight in my eyes and, with a deep throated voice, replied: "Who the f... Are you and who the f... is your star something?!"
That morning I was, unusually, the first one in my classroom...but, I just couldn't let it go!

He didnít just want to get rid of me, he had a point.
Rude, but he had the point. I had to change my approach. I had to find the way to explain who was I and what I and my brand represented for him. He wanted to have "reasons why" listen to me and check my Brand.
Vespa Those words, in their rudeness and frankness, have woken up my instinct and need to get to the real point, to the stripped truth and discover, nurture and grow Trust in Brands. And thatís exactly what I did before going back. Prepare the plan, (my first one...), which led me, naturally, to find my Brandís DNA and my own as a salesperson.
Without knowing, I had just found the main thread of my business passion.
By the way, the rude guy became my best client soon after our first meeting!

Fil Rouge

Following the fil rouge, 30 years are gone. Since that day, I spent 15 years in sales in different branches, companies, countries, cultures. I loved it! Then, slowly, the excitement of being in the first line vanished: because I needed to get deeper into "the reasons why", the roots, the origin of all the stuff I was selling. Naturally, the opportunity to move into marketing came to me and I was more than ready. The second part of my business life began and more than 10 years are gone.

The Scandinavian Experience

Joining Art & Technology (the "design oriented arm" of Proventus investment group), Artek Alvar Aalto armchair would have proved later a great move for me but the "bonus" was working in Artek, The Sleeping Beauty of Scandinavian design.

A heaven for a marketing guy, like me, devoted to dig into the history and heritage and give the real, authentic side of the brand a chance to perform. In some weeks I delivered, supported by my over performing team, a brand platform of values and a consequent strategy that I still believe, gives the best starting point for any development of the Brand (you can still find the Real Values part of it on in fact...).

Back home, on the seaside

North Sails is one of the most beautiful and clean Brands on the sportswear scene since about 20 years.
When I had the chance to become it's first Marketing Director (as well as for the whole Tomasoni Topsail Group), I must say, I felt a mix of motivation and high respect for the task.

Back home, on the seaside The Brand had managed to grow constantly on the Italian, very competitive market, practically by itself and for this reason, was almost virgin: no adventurous advertising campaign or crazy Pr activities had ever taken place leaving the light blue and white logo almost intact.

As usual, I started laying down a set of basic tools (values platform, evolution chart and a strategy based on them) in order to be able to work with common guidelines for everybody. When we started working as a very well oiled machine with all the other directors, it became clear that we could make something more of the marketing strategy and it integrated well into a bigger business plan that has led the company to the remarkable results of the last 3 these turbulent times! It has been a great ride for me and for my marketing team who has truly grown and performed beyond expectations.

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Make a difference


What is the difference between a "Good Brand" and a Great Brand"?

What is that makes you think: "This is an Authentic Brand"?

When a Brand moves from "Brand of Choice" to "Brand of Love"?

What is the difference between a good advertising campaign and one consistent to the platform of values of your Brand?

Why do we struggle to keep the growth of our Brands within logical guidelines?

These are some of the k questions The Soulist will answer about your business.


Memosystem International
Brenen Italiana
Poltrona Frau
Henri Lloyd
North Sails

Solo doesnít mean alone

I focus on what I believe is the most important, often neglected, area of a Brand development: the DNA of the Brand

I firmly believe that the key of the future success of many Brands lays right there, in the "Sweet Spot", where history, heritage, culture and, why not, dreams, of our Brands cross. Ultimately, I would say, where PEOPLE is.

A true and well developed platform guarantees the connection between all the actors of the Brand development. From marketing and communication activity until the product development and the sales front line.

The integration between the areas in a company, the awareness of all the players, the continuous relationship with the various working groups is, often, what makes a difference.

After more than twenty years as an insider, I highly value the relationship with my partners.

Team Work


"Authenticity is the benchmark against which all brands are now judged."
John Grant. The New Marketing Manifesto.


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