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The soulist is Federico Repetto

Time to go solo. Time to capitalize on the past experience to build something on my own. My way.

6 years are gone since I did it (2010) and I worked in more fields than before (as if I had ever been narrow in my choices...), traveling to new markets, getting to know even more people, ideas, working models.

Russia captured me for four challenging and exciting years with Red Fox, a mountaineering brand I nurtured and accompanied until the crisis came.

Again a great chance to lay the foundations of a brand, building the basic platform that makes everything develop coherently and organically.

Glad the brand is now internationally growing.

Working at home in Sweden it had always been exciting but when I joined Stockholm Design Lab as Head of Strategy I found a greater challenge and also old friends and amazing professionals.

It was so rewarding and fun collaborating in such an environment! And what brands did we work with! Volvo, Stockholm Fair, Swedavia, A To B in Sweden, Askul and Lohaco in Japan, Coca Cola and EA in the States. A in Germany, S7 in Russia...and many more we will never be able to publish, damned NDAs!!!

But the fun and good work are there, every day they shine in a window or in a presentation, on a aircraft or a car.

My friends at SDL continue to amaze and surprise the world with their constant creation of meaningful and punctual design and I am ever grateful for this experience.

Meanwhile my destiny has brought me to many other brands in need of (re)discover the real soul, the Truth and develop the fundamental pillars that always lay below the successful ventures.

The best marbles in the world (Marmo Elite), the highest education for interpreters and translators (ISIT), performance oriented sailing gear (Slam) have joined the rank of the brands I work with meanwhile, bringing me closer to my Italian origin, even to my hometown where I'm blessed to be able to meet more frequently family and friends and enjoy the beauty of Genova, shy as much as rich of culture.

I continue to challenge myself and my assumptions, every day and, in doing so, I challenge the brands themselves, their belief, their "we have always done this way" 's.

Always searching for the balance between my natural passion and enthusiasm and the logical and factual evidences of my work: helping Brands to discover and increase their inner value.

Strategy The soulist

I know, it's an abused term, but it's my job. It is about making sense of the beginning and understanding the whys underneath. A fundamental step to, eventually, be able to build that platform that make the house stronger, more resilient, powerful and long lasting. And, ultimately, consistent with its values, its own history, its own genetic code. Honestly. Markets respond to stimuli and these better be lean and mean!

What The soulist

Let’s put it this way: there are companies and brands that have an untapped potential.

I help them distill the DNA, increase the grip, validate the brand and commercial strategy and turn it into a successful business model.

How The soulist

To implement the potential, you must first have a clear idea and then an obsessive consistency in the application. This means being able to interface with all areas that contribute to the business, to team up and make it work. Together.

With whom

I'm like a conductor, I write the score with the owners and top management, then I compose the orchestra. I choose the masters from different fields, ranging from communications to architecture, from brand identity to digital, to photo-video production. If the orchestra is already there, I make sure we can all work harmoniously, coherently, cohesively.

Think outside the box

Take a magic city, make a strategy with it at the center and think outside the box. Digital as a service for the analogic? Digital and analogic: how do we create a new way of working? Do we want, once again, to be delivering our message through the usual tools? Do we want to be standing, as usual, in front of people and accompanying our ideas on screen? Or would we rather be “in the content”? And, above all, take the public for a ride inside the message? How do we connect with an audience, create compelling interest, deliver more powerful messages? This was the dilemma we faced once we found we would be presenting a vision for a multi-business group in one of the least known and most fascinating cities in Italy: Genoa. Let’s start from a different fundamental assumption: the map is not the territory. Well, no and..yes! We decided to make it the stage where the listeners are the protagonists of this presentation would be physically involved in the game: they are now the players, choosing their moves while we progress into the presentation. Without one single slide.

Then The soulist

I tend to get interested in challenging projects: if you have one and want to talk, I'm here.

Take some time here to explore Some projects that have truly engaged me.

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