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The Sleeping Beauty of Scandinavian Design, the Alvar Aalto's baby, the icon of Scandinavian Modernism.

When I arrived at Artek these where the ideas that were floating in my head. I admired the company , its history and heritage and the products.

But one thing is looking at things from a perspective; another diving into their entity.

I, first of all, enjoyed working with my colleagues from Finland: direct, clear and no frill communication is what I appreciate most and working in such a different environment helped me to grow as a person and as a professional.

I met wonderful, passionate people who helped me building the awareness about the Brand, its history, the heritage, ultimately, the culture.

We built an international network of competent and committed partners and worked the fundamentals until we found the keys: Human modernism, innovative design, quality. The three defining pillars that characterize Artek as unique, powerful and timelessly relevant in the architecture and design world.

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Some days ago, opening old boxes, I found my old business card and got emotional: I am still proud of what we did and of had been part of such an amazing brand. And then, how many Italians have been marketing director at Artek?!?

And, as always I point out, Artek is the only brand I carried with me in all my moves: these pieces will stay with me forever because, as the Brand they carry, they are human, wonderfully designed and of the best possible quality. They remind me everyday that beauty is a daily treat.

This actually was not an experience; it is a never ending love story.

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Alvar Aalto - Dimensioning substance

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