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A brand reaches, sometimes, its glass ceiling. Or it just thinks so.

When I arrived at Tomasoni to open its first marketing department, that's what everybody told me: we can't grow so much more on the Italian market because we already have.

But I am there, sitting in this office with all these gorgeous clothes, with an history, a story to tell and I just can see the dots. I need to connect them. Easier to say than to do but still...

An amazing team, built on years of collaboration finally (after some struggles..) accepted me and that journey started with confidence and connection; with trust in each other's skills and motivation. With a lot of passion for the work; our daily work.

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We, the new, effervescent marketing team I recruited, built what missed, a platform of values, a brand bible, words to be attached to stories and, ultimately, to products.

And we communicated, finally touching the heart of the brand, shooting movies where you wouldn't believe it would be neither logical nor sane (a sailing brand in the desert???), overcoming resistances and doubts and transforming them in trust and commitment.

It was magic and, as many times in life, I recognized the path afterwards.


Recognitions: the soulist

  • Key Award 2012
    • Categoria Campagne Integrate con Tigers 45”

  • Premio WWW 2012 – Il Sole24 Ore
    • Special Award: Zenith Optimedia - progetto Tiger
    • Primo posto nelle categorie Travel & Adventure e Branded Entertainment, macro-categoria online film and video
    • Premio speciale Sponsor, online film and video

north sails

  • NC Awards 2013
    • 1° premio Campagna Integrata, categoria Abbigliamento e Accessori
    • 1° premio Area Tradizionale, campagna stampa

  • Grand Prix Advertising Strategies
    • Premio speciale Print Power Tigers

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